Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock, Book 3)

Mercy Blade - Faith Hunter This book started way to slow for me. Had a hard time getting into the groove of it all. But once the base for the story was laid it picked up. I liked that we find out what has happened to Katie and more of the vampire's history was revealed. The world building is so complex I had to stop and remember what had happened in the book before.

I also thought finally Jane will have her man. But alas Rick was a disappointment, though to be fair, it wasn't his fault entirely. I agree with Jane's Beast - Bruiser is the way to go!! That merengue scene...oooh *fans herself* Jane has good self control We also learn more of Jane's very complex and oldpast. My only complaint is about Evangeline. I was annoyed that we got no closure there and was surprised that Jane let some shit go that should have been dealt with.

Overall, I truly enjoy Jane's character. She's smart, she knows how to kick ass but she also has a sensitive side to her. Good stuff!