This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book 2

This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book 2 - Elizabeth Hunter Some people gave this 5 stars. I want to read THAT book because this was not worthy of 5 stars.

The story in a nutshell: Gio left B for 5 years while she matured and came into her own. Yet, every year he would break into her apartment and take a picture and leave a plane ticket to his house in Chile where she would wait for weeks for him to show up (he never does). Then he decided he wants to be with her so he comes back into her life with a fake nephew in tow only to encounter a pissed off B. In book one I thought B was smart and independent. Book two she returns annoying and childish. Thus begins the story which is something like this:

Beatrice, "I'm so scared you'll leave me, but I can't be away from you. But I don't think I can BE with you. Let's just spoon and I'll feel better."

Giovanni "I love you. I left you for your own good. You're so beautiful and smart. I will not leave you."

Seriously... that was the book. Sure, there are some dead vampires and other stuff in there that was interesting which is why this is receiving 2 stars instead of 1. By the time they FINALLY get aroung to having sex it was so anticlimatic and I was so annoyed I could've cared less about their relationship or the mystery of "Where on Earth is Lorenzo?".

Overall a waste of my reading time. Going to read some [a:Jeaniene Frost|669810|Jeaniene Frost|] now.