The Prophet (The Graveyard Queen)

The Prophet - Amanda Stevens This follows the same format and pace as the two previous books. The pace is slow and haunting just like the ghosts it features. It picks up a month after Amelia returns to Charleston. *sigh* I'm a fan of this series and knowing this was the last book in the trilogy was expecting a lot. Maybe too much. I felt that Amelia's obsession/worry over Devlin and Mariama was too much. Her worry over beautiful women period was too much. I also did not like the way this ended. It still left me with a few questions and it all happened so fast. Devlin's injury happened so fast. It seems unfair that we finally see Devlin and Amelia together and all we get is two chapters. What did Amelia transform into now?

I like the story and how the mysteries unravel. I just found it a tad bit boring. Which was disappointing since I have enjoyed Amanda Stevens' writing.