Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars

Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars - Shannon K. Butcher Thank you for another great story!! I was concerned at first. Iain has been one of my favorite characters. There is just something about a soulless man in need of saving that appeals to me. One of the things I love about this series is that Butcher has created a world with recurring characters. Jackie was first introduced in Finding the Lost but we didn't hear her voice until the last book. I found her annoying then and she continued to be so at the beginning of this story. I was a bit upset that she was to be tied to my Iain. BUT she got way better as the story progressed and her powers are very cool! Nice twist at the end. I'm a Jackie/Iain fan.

As usual new characters were introduced. I think Cain's story might be next. Great story mixed with romance, sex, action and magic!