Passion Unleashed (Demonica Series #3)

Passion Unleashed  - Larissa Ione "Fuck a motherfucking fuckduck" - Wraith "Josh"

I wasn't a fan of Wraith when he was first introduced. He was selfish, hot-headed, impulsive and I just didn't understand why he was around. I began to like him in book 2 and fell in love with him in this book. This is his story... he has been infected with poison and is dying. His only salvation is a stone that is being guarded by a human female. She's a virgin and in order for him to take the stone he must claim her virginity. Should be simple for a Seminus/Vampire demon with no heart like Wraith right? Wrong... and so begins the tale of Serena and Wraith.

"My friends call me Wraith."
She grimaced. "Wraith? That's a horrible nickname. I'll call you Josh"
Great. Just great. Bad enough that he had to pretend to be nice.

I found the fact that Wraith becomes "Josh" hysterical. But it's telling of his transformation from the broken demon Wraith to a softer caring demon. I must commend Ione for her choice in female characters. So far they have all been independent, strong females who kick some serious ass. Literally. They hold their own and I just can't imagine any of these brothers with anyone who can't. The conclusion was a bit too neat but that was to be expected.

We also make some good headway in the Gem/Kynan story... not sure what I expected, was a bit dissapointed but it wasn't bad. I'm really enjoying this series so far.