Heart of Steel (A Novel of the Iron Seas)

Heart of Steel  - Meljean Brook I enjoy this series. Steampunk with zombies, people with mechanical flesh & pirates! This didn't feature Mina and the Iron Duke but it was just as entertaining. We met Archimedes Fox in the Iron Duke and his colorful adventurous personality. In this he returns from narrowly escaping a zombie infested Venice to retrieve a Da Vinci drawing from Captain Yasmeen (who threw him in the zombie waters) and most importantly - to fall in love.

Fox strongly believes that falling in love will be the biggest adventure of all and who better than the captain of Lady Corsair. The woman with a heart of steel. This whole book reads like one of Fox's adventures. The idea that Fox's adventure is to fall in love would've been cheesy and fallen flat if it wasn't for all the other adventures these two encounter. The interaction and chemistry between Yasmeen and Archimedes was sweet and fierce. He accepted Yasmeen as the strong independent woman.

Archimedes stared up at the ceiling, faintly visible in the predawn light... and tried to think of anything, anything, that had been more... incredible than Yasmeen unleashing herself upon him. There was nothing. She'd probably ruined him for treasure hunts. Zombies wouldn't even raise his pulse. Hell, meeting Leonardo Da Vinci in Heaven surrounded by nude singing virgins... couldn't compare to the bliss of one kiss.