Frost (Volume 1)

Frost - Kate Avery Ellison WOW. This is the second book I've had the opportunity to review by Kate Ellison and her writing keeps getting better and better. Absolutely LOVED this story and found that I couldn't put it down once I started. My one complaint is that it was too short. It introduced some interesting characters that I would have loved to know more about but overall I found it to be an excellent intro to what I hope will be a great series.

Ellison weaves a beautiful story of a girl named Lia who is forced into the adult responsibilities of taking charge of her two siblings and their farm after her parents are killed. The weight of keeping her family together and alive weighs heavily on her shoulders. She realizes that her own dreams aren’t important anymore, only survival. The imagery the author creates of the frosty woodland where she lives was vivid. Life in the community where she lives is rough. Money doesn’t exist, only the trade of goods and everyone works to meet a weekly quota that keeps the village thriving. South of the village beyond the frost is the sophisticate and advanced city of Aeralis where people they refer to as Farthers live. In Aeralis there is no bitter winter, electronics & machines exist, the military rules and most importantly there are no Watchers. Watchers are creatures of the frost that come out at night and hunt. Lia’s world is turned further upside down after she saves the life a dangerous Farther named Gabe and the world as she knows it changes forever.

I liked Lia a lot. She’s a survivor who is trying to make sense of the world around her. The romance in the story was subtle, sweet and heartbreaking. As she asks "Is this struggle to feel worth it?"

Again, my only complaint is that it was over too soon. I wanted to learn more about Adam, his family and Lia's brother Jonn - who broke my heart. I can't wait for book 2 and seriously, stop reading reviews and just go read it!!!