Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy)

Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien 2.5 stars. I'm very torn about this book. I really liked the premise. 16-year old midwife Gaia has a scarred face as a result of burn and lives outside of the walls of the Enclave with her parents. The enclave is a city made up of people who are richer, more educated and overall better off. Her job as a midwife is not only to bring healthy babies into the world, but to bring the first 3 births of every month to the gates of the enclave where they will be raised as special people, free of the poverty that she lives in. Right away I got the sense that Gaia had a strong sense of what was right and was also very naive. After her parents get arrested she becomes determined to set them free.

My problem with Gaia started at the beginning when her naiveté seemed to border with stupidity. She breaks the law and then shakes her head stupidly not knowing why she's in trouble. It just didn't make sense to me. When she finally gets into the city, she is met up with a couple who is about to be executed. The woman is pregnant and Gaia cries out appalled at what is going to be done. She saves the baby from the now dead woman, gets caught, arrested and doesn't understand why she's being held prisoner. After this particular incident I seriously contemplated putting the book down and stepping away. However, I did like the premise and wanted to know what happened. I skimmed most of the middle part of the book.

There seemed to be so much mystery around why her parents were arrested and what they were looking for. When we find out the reason, I couldn't understand why all the mystery. Why not just come out and state the reason why. Especially sicne everyone seemed to already know. My love/hate relationship with Gaia deeply affected my connection with the story. I was more interested in learning about Leon (the love interest) and what his story was then what would happen to Gaia. Still... curious to see what happens in book 2. Wish there was a cliff notes version.