Insurgent (Divergent)

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth In book #2 we meet a grief stricken, guilt ridden Tris who has lost the will to live. These emotions make her careless and selfish to the point that she becomes a true Dauntless. This was an action packed book. Part of me wanted Tris to get over it, but as she pointed out again and again, losing your parents and killing your friend is too much for a young 16 year old. The new relationship between her and Tobias (Four) is strained. It's clear they love each other but as in life, reality gets in the way. I loved how their relationship struggled, came together & struggled some more. Although it is only Tris' voice we hear in the story, I imagine Tobias having the same questions & doubts about his relationship with Tris. I love these two. Truly a nice match. The ending was awesome. What a cliffhanger... Book 3, where are you?!?!