The Gray Wolf Throne (A Seven Realms Novel)

The Gray Wolf Throne  - Cinda Williams Chima Book 3 is triumphant and heartbreaking. Raisa finds herself in a race to the wolf throne. I like her, she's spunky with an edge of vulnerability. She's grown up in the last books and proves she can protect herself and what is hers. My only complaint is this back & forth in her love life. She loves Amon yet it doesn't take long for her to move on with Han. Loves Han but finds solace in Nightwalker. I really like Amon... It's always been obvious to me that the love interest is Han but I still secretly hope for Amon. Han - I like Han when he isn't a street lord. His slang and thug Han just rub me the wrong way. Always has. Can't pinpoint why exactly. I usually don't mind a character rough around the edges.

It's been a long time between books for me and it was nice getting reacquainted with old friends. Who will finally get Raisa's hand in marriage and heart? Will the Demon King return? Is Amon going to marry what's her name? (probably - boo). Looking forward to book 4!