A Temptation of Angels

A Temptation of Angels - Michelle Zink 3.5 stars.

Wanted to love it but didn't. Perhaps it was because I read it too close after finishing the Phophecy of the Sisters series and I'm a bit Michelle Zink out. The book is set in late 19th Century although this is never specified. Once again we have a heroine (Helen) who is torn between the rules of social conduct of her time and the fact that she has to save the world from evil. Unknown to her (never really understood why this was a secret) she is one of the last of her kind - a Keeper. Descendants from Angels placed on earth to battle evil. Right before her parents are killed, her mother pleads for her to leave via a secret escape route and seek out the help of two brothers Griffin and Darius.

Helen... she was so enfuriating annoying at times. Wanting to seek vengeance and go with the brothers on dangerous missions and freaking out and not wanting to advance when she faced danger. Had I been one of the brothers I would have left her behind many times over. I am no author but I do believe that there are ways of making a female character vulnerable, timid and unsure of her actions without makign her seem childish, cumbersome and all around annoying. I found myself yelling at the book "Just shut up and do it!!!" so many times.

I did enjoy the brothers and would have liked their characters to be explored a bit more. The one sceen with Griffin when she walks into his room and his head is over a bowl of steaming water what was the point in that? Is he ill? Raum's character was way underdeveloped. The whole love/romantic connection was too rushed.

Still, I do want to know what happens and will most likely pick up the next book. If nothing else, just because it left me with questions and I'm hoping they get answered.