The Curse Girl

The Curse Girl - Kate Avery Ellison I was given this book by the author to review and LOVED it!! Not to say there weren't flaws in the plot and writing - there were - but overall I found the story to be a quick read that sucked me into its spell.

This is the story of Beauty and the Beast with a contemporary-ish twist. Beauty (Bee) has leave her life and go live at the cursed house to fulfill the promise that her father made in order to save her stepmother. She grew up hearing gruesome stories about the house and its inhabitants. Yet she leaves all her life to confront the beast that lives within the house out of duty to her family. The housed and its inhabitants are cursed by a spell that can only be broken by the Curse Girl one that is named Beauty. Although the friendship is rocky at first (to say the least) Bee & Will forge a truce and a pact to find a way to break the curse.

There were a lot of holes in the story. What happened to Bee’s mom? Was it her mom or no? How did she come to have a special power? Why did she feel that her Dad didn’t love her? What’s up with Rose?? I liked her but didn’t really understand her part in the story. Liam… although you discover the mystery of Liam I still wanted to know more. The ending was a bit too rushed but don’t all fairytales end that way.

Overall, a fun read!