Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy)

Guardian of the Gate - Michelle Zink 3.5 stars.
Book 2 started off very slow. Too slow. But then it picked up with some nice twists to the story. Why not a higher rating? Lia's flip-flopping between strong powerful independent Sister and damsel in distress was annoying. Once again, I must remind myself of the period this takes place but... Argh. I wish she grew a pair of steel balls and finally explored and developed her powers. Luisa's character was pointless. Maybe she plays a more significant role in the last book but up to now I don't see the point. I also feel like book one and two could have easily been combined but I'm no author or editor so...

Big plus... Dimitri. I think he saved the story. What is it about characters named Dimitri?