Prophecy of the Sisters (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy)

Prophecy of the Sisters  - Michelle Zink I would give this 3.5 stars if I could. I did think it had a slow start and sometimes the dialogue was excruciating.
"I think I know what this means" she paled.
"Tell me!"
"I'm just unsure how to say this". Pause. Pause.
"oh dear me!" her lip quivered

Ok. I just made that up, but really some of the dialogue!! I wanted to reach in and shake Lia and her friends and plead to just spit out whatever they needed to say. BUT then I remembered the period this is staged in and really the characters were speaking and behaving in a manner suitable for their time. This made me a lot more forgiving. I was happy when Lia finally grew a pair. Hoping that the second book doesn't disappoint and Lia's new found spine and balls remain intact.