Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4)

Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley Torn about my feelings towards this series and this book. I loved Vance and Jules. They might be my favorite couple so far. Jules wasn’t over the top or full of self-pity as some of the other female characters have been. Their chemistry was hot from the start and I’ll admit to chocking up with emotion on more than one occasion. Plus I loved Boo!! I was surprised at how annoyed I found the rest of the Rock Chick crew. Though I found them entertaining in the past, I actually skimmed most of those scenes since I found them irritating in this installment. A problem since this is the “Rock Chick” series. For this I would give the book 4 stars.

The problem with this series occurred at exactly 50% into the story. Jules is upset and Vance insists that he just wants to fuck her and she just needs to be fucked. She admits to being uncomfortable by his aggression and a little afraid but being the uber all-knowing macho that his is, he ignores this, insisting that she just needs a good fuck. This made me very uncomfortable. So much that I almost closed my kindle and moved on to another story. This is also not the first time that this type of story line has been present in this series. I understand that to some readers this may seem as Vance is being ultra-sexy and controlling. Especially since Jules has been afraid and unsure of their budding relationship. To me, it walked an uncomfortable path into rape. This is a formula that I’ve noticed Kristen Ashley use in her books time and again and… yeah… it makes me uncomfortable to know that it’s ok for a woman to say “Stop, I’m uncomfortable with this” and for the man to ignore that request because he knows best. He knows that all she needs is a good fuck to relax her and make her stop thinking those silly female thoughts. While I agree, that sex is an awesome way to relax and more people should be having it as often as possible, it should be consensual and not full of unease. Maybe I’m reading too much into this (pun intended) – not sure. For this… 1 star.

So now that my rant is over… what to do? I do enjoy the humor and romance of the stories but the machismo and the sexual bullying don’t appeal to me and make uncomfortable. Not sure if I will continue with this series.

Overall rating – 3 stars.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this series and about how uncomfortable it made me. Also, the fact that so many other women find it so sexy and hot. Everyone is entitled to what they want to read and like to read. But I've decided no more Kristen Ashley for me. Lowering my rating to 2 stars.