I Am Forever (What Kills Me, #2) - Wynne Channing “I love you,” he whispered.
“I know.”
A puff escaped from his lips. “Really? That’s all I get? That’s kind of conceited of you.”

Unavoidable spoiler for book 1 up ahead! Zee and Lucas find themselves in the heart of the Monarchy. She narrowly escaped with her life after it was revealed that she is the Divine. If you hurt her, you hurt all other vampires.

This took me a bit longer to read than I anticipated. The beginning was very slow and frustrating at parts. I did not understand Zee's mentality at first. She took being The Divine and being part of the Monarchy all in stride. How could she?? But I get it. She is a newbie vamp and trying to fit in somewhere and learn what she can.

I really enjoy Wynne Channing's writing. It's a nice mixture of quips and action. Lots of action! The world is interesting, I keep getting a dystopia-like feeling, except that it isn't. The vampire world created is a world within our world. The romance again is subtle but there.

Overall 4 stars with a dollop more!