Black Arts: A Jane Yellowrock Novel

Black Arts - Faith Hunter Another enjoyable Jane Yellowrock adventure! As usual, there is a little something that keeps this series from being a 5 star rating for me. I'm starting to think it's just a accumulation of a bunch of tiny things. Let's start with my dislike of Evan Trueblood. From the first time we met Big Evan, he has had a stick up his ass regarding Jane. I get it, she leads a dangerous life the probability of it spilling over and harming his family is high - but still. I hate how everything has always been Jane's fault. Cut her some slack! I will say, he finally did give her some leeway. Just a tad.

My other problem is with Angie Baby. First of, must we always call her "Angie Baby"? Is that necessary? Up to now, I always thought she was a very young girl, maybe 4 or 5 but It seems she is almost 7? Maybe I got that all wrong but the baby talk and baby personality got tiresome instead of cute and adorable. Maybe I'm just an ogre who hates kids and I'm going to hell. *shrugs*

Lastly, been saying this for the past 3 books... tired of the Bruiser/Rick situation. What happened with Rick did break my heart a bit. I feel for Jane, but in my opinion, none of these two are good mate choices for Jane. Of course Beast disagrees with me, but still. I also don't like where this Leo connection is going AT ALL!! He is who he is but and I respect that, but how can she possibly trust him? He has done some fucked up shit and will do it again. The Bruiser storyline seems to going somewhere interesting... crossing my fingers that things change for the best and she moves on from Rick. Please move on from Rick!

I do like Beast, I love that book by book we have gotten a deeper sense of the connection Jane and Beast have and what their relationship is really like. I'm happy that Jane has a family and a home. She has softened up and I'm liking this. I foresee more problems with the witches and especially with Angie. That girl is going to be trouble. Of course, Evan will probably blame it all on Jane. *sigh*