Changes by Jim Butcher

Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) - Jim Butcher

Sorry Dresden fans but the love for this series is fizzling out.

This started with a major BANG!  Huge secret was revealed and Susan made a comeback for which I was happy!  Unfortunately that was short lived since lord forbid a UF series have anything that remotely resembles a romantic storyline.  Also, unfortunately once again Harry is the victim of not one but two conniving female characters.  I also do not fully understand his relationship with the Council.  It's getting very old that they don't trust him after everything he has done.  Wish Butcher would focus on that storyline, the black council and give us a bit more resolution.  I am glad that the Red Court story has finally reached a conclusion (at least I hope it has).  Maybe we can get something fresh and new now.  I do love Harry but the preaching and Star Wars and LOR references are getting old. 

Overall this was full of much angst for Harry – per usual he has to choose between something heartbreaking and saving the world.  I do wish he would get a happy ending of sorts.  Though with the way the story ended, I doubt it’s coming soon.  Not sure how many more books are planned in this series but I think it’s time to freshen things up in a big way or end this series on a high note.