Caressed by Night by Amanda J. Greene

Caressed by Night - Amanda J. Greene

Really enjoying the series so far!  I do think I liked Dorian's story a bit more just because it was set in Victorian London and that was a nice change.  This is Dimitri's story and it's in contemporary Las Vegas.  Thought dead, he makes a comeback 400 years later determined to bring down the vampire who tried to kill him and to also meet his Mate.

Wasn't a fan of Kerstyn.  She was a bit dull and annoying at times.  Dimitri definitely outshined her character.  During the whole story Dimitri is tortured by visions of Kerstyn's death and what led to her actual demise was beyond stupid. 

I still DO NOT understand why she couldn't just send a cab to pick up Denise.  Or call Silvie!  So stupid.

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Dimitri himself was what you'd expect from one of the original vampires.  Moody, powerful and hot!  Couple of side characters that I would love to read more about.  Namely Falcon and Gabriel.  Overall a quick sexy read.