Horde by Ann Aguirre

Horde - Ann Aguirre

"You’re my beating heart, and without you, I cannot live."
The Razorland series has been, in my opinion, about love.  Sure it takes place in a dystopian world full of zombies – aka Freaks or Muties – but at the core of it, I think it’s about love and how it affects the human spirit.  Back in book one; we met a young girl who had never seen light.  She was considered an adult at 15 and her life up to then had revolved around darkness, survival and Freaks.  Her world revolved around strict rules and above all, her desire to be the best Huntress in her Enclave.  Love was an alien emotion.  Something only weak people felt and an emotion that would lead to death.  In book two, Deuce learns to accept and to give love.  She learns that love gives strength and power and a reason to fight regardless of the consequences.  In this book, we meet a girl who is now a woman.  A Huntress who becomes a leader ready to go up against bad odds in order to provide a safe world for those she loves.

It’s been such a sweet journey to take with Deuce, Fade, Stalker and Tegan.  These 4 kids are survivors who each evolved in their own ways and remained through it all fiercely loyal to each other.  They have adapted to the circumstances presented and willing to do whatever possible to rid the land of Muties.  Stalker was probably the other character who evolved so much throughout the books.  But he is also the most like Deuce.  All he has known is to be a fighter and a survivor.  He is so very different from the Wolf we met back in book one.

Then there is Fade.  Since the beginning it has been Deuce and Fade.  Fade is still dealing with the trauma that was inflicted on him.  Deuce is left to accept the Fade that is now and waits patiently, trusting that her love for him will bring him back. 
"No matter where souls go, mine will be looking for you, solnyshko moyo."

This is not to say the story didn’t have its flaws.  It did.  I’m still unsure about the explanation that was given as to the origin of the disease.  It had a couple of holes and I didn’t understand all the scientific mumbo jumbo but it wasn’t enough to distract me from the story itself.  This book focused on war.  Deuce is determined to kill and destroy all the Muties in the territory. Her determination is tested as never before as she tries to raise an army and is laughed at because of her age and gender.  Her determination and strength of spirit is tested time and again and she proves that the impossible can be done.

As with any war, there are casualties.  Some that tore my heart in half.  But I loved the conviction and strength of Deuce and her army.  Overall it did a great job of tying all the loose ends, not all in a way I liked especially where Tegan is concerned but it did give me a bit of hope that in the future things with her could change.  Overall, a great series!