Cursed by S.J. Harper

Cursed - S.J. Harper

Enjoyable supernatural mystery.  Emma is the last of three Sirens.  She has fallen from grace and is paying for a crime she didn’t commit.  She hopes that by finding lost souls she will eventually earn redemption and her freedom back so she joins the FBI Missing Persons unit.  Zach is a werewolf and who is also hoping saving lives will redeem him of past sins and mistakes.  He is also very much in love with Emma.  Unfortunately, Emma’s other curse is to have anyone she loves killed.

I liked that these two already had a past before we meet them.  It allowed the romance/chemistry between them to flow better.  Despite of this, I had a hard time really connecting to either character.  I liked them enough to see where this series will go, but wasn’t touched by them.  I do hope they end up together and given their HEA, but I love happy endings.  Also intrigued about learning more about Zack’s pack and Liz’s witch powers.  Kallisto’s time was way too brief.  Intriguing character that hopefully will add some nice drama.

The world building could’ve used more development.  I like that the supernatural are not common knowledge and still very much hush-hush but would have liked a bit more explanation as to what type of vampires we were dealing with.  I think it was mentioned that they couldn’t go out in the daylight but then it was also mentioned that they got plastic surgery.  An interesting twist but one hard to grasp.  Don’t vampires heal easily?  So wouldn’t that type of change – or any change – be difficult to manage?  Also in Emma’s case, she’s lived for a very long time.  I found it hard to believe that in all that time she hadn’t forged more relationships with the supernatural.  She also didn't feel old.  She needed a bit more than just her powers to compel and lure the truth out of people.

All in all not a bad introduction to a new series.