Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

Ghost Story - Jim Butcher

WOW!  Much, much better than the last 3 books.  A good portion of the story involved new characters and flashbacks which helped ease the monotony of the typical Dresden book.  Changes ended with a bang.  Literally.  Harry Dresden was shot dead.  Except in true Dresden style, he returns as a spirit and given the task of discovering who his killer is before his friends are harmed.

Although to Harry it’s only been a blink of an eye, in Chicago time it has been 6 months and the world is chaos.  The most heartbreaking storyline was that of Molly.  We find out two things; one, Molly is a strong wizard!  Amazingly talented and gifted in ways Harry isn’t.  Two, out of everyone she is probably the most affected by his death.  I like the twists that this storyline is taking.  Though not at all happy with the sexual innuendos and alleged attraction between the two.  It’s just creepy and gross in my opinion.

Loved that the whole gang has united to help Chicago.  Especially the partnership between Butters and Bob.  Really enjoyed that we saw another side of Bob.  Evil Bob who is out to kill Harry and gain power for himself was really evil and entertaining.
What I really didn’t enjoy was Murphy.  At the very beginning of this series, we meet a bitter, distrustful and angry Karen Murphy.  She was back.  I really didn’t understand why she kept second guessing everyone and not trusting that Harry’s spirit was really Harry’s spirit.  Despite the fact that “trusted” people kept verifying that it was.

The ending was a very nice twist.  When his killer was finally revealed it took me by surprise.  Didn’t see that coming at all!  All in all, a nice twist to the Dresden world.  I still do feel that the series needs to come to an end soon.

Side note about the audio: This was narrated by John Glover who did a remarkable job of stepping into James Marsters shoes.