Archangel's Legion (Guild Hunter, #6)

Archangel's Legion  - Nalini Singh Sorry Raphael and Elena but this was a snooze... I decided after [b:Archangel's Consort|7307503|Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter, #3)|Nalini Singh||8758998] that I was bored by these two and the only reason I continued the series is that it featured other much more interesting characters. Dmitri being my favorite.

This just dragged and became repetitive fast. I will give it to Ms. Singh in that she can write a steamy sex scene but even those got extremely repetitive. Plus the whole "Archangel, you're mine" "Hunter, you belong to me" exchange just gets old after a couple of chapters. The story itself didn't flow smoothly. There were a couple of times where it just jumped from one thing to another. Certain incidents that I thought for sure would get a couple of paragraphs were simply discussed in just an after thought. As in "prior to getting there she told him about... blah blah blah" - proceeded by sex. Really?

I would give this 2 stars but it wasn't horrible and I did enjoy seeing a less serious side of Raphael but all in all, not my favorite.