To Tame A Highland Warrior (Highlander, #2)

To Tame A Highland Warrior (Highlander, #2) - Karen Marie Moning It's hard to believe that this series was written by the same person who wrote The Fever series. Continuing my Highland kick with Grim's story. I like that so far each book has had a faint scent of paranormal. The first featured Adrienne who time travels and this one featured the legend of the Berserker. I will also mentioned that I have listened to both books so far and the narrator Phil Gigante does an excellent job. Not sure if I would've enjoyed this as much otherwise.

Grim/Gavriel is a man with a bloody past and with a beast within. Jillian is a "old maid" of 21 who has loved Grim since she was little. I did find it a tad disturbing that Grim had fancied the young Jillian back when she was 13 and he 19 but times were different back then. She had a some spunk to her and I liked that she wasn't easily intimidated.

The story in this one flowed better than the first and I was surprised by who the traitor turned out to be. In the end this has the same formula as most romance books, couple loves each other, couple must overcome obstacle to be together, couple marries, has young and lives happily ever after! It works.