Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)

Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) - Jamie McGuire I’ll admit that I read this begrudgingly. I was determined to not like it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I did. My favorite character in [b:Beautiful Disaster|11505797|Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)|Jamie McGuire|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358259032s/11505797.jpg|16441531] was Travis so it was nice to get his POV. This is about an insecure, angry, broken man who is obsessed in love with Abby. Abby aka Pigeon is still Abby. I can’t say I was a fan of hers before and this didn’t help her win points. She's a bit bland for my taste and all over the damn place.

If you liked Beautiful Disaster you will like this since it’s essentially the same story. And therein is my unhappiness with it. I had hoped to get more background on Travis. I really don’t understand where Travis’ anger comes from. Why is he such an asshole towards women? I realized eventually we would get to the events of book one and Abby but I had hoped for a bit more background. Nothing that was revealed about Travis was all that surprising. The Epilogue was a nice touch. Just thought it was odd that there was such a time gap between the events at the end of the book and the epilogue. .

My last gripe is that I absolutely dislike the nickname Pigeon. I think it's stupid and lame and the explanation about it just made me hate it even more. Too sappy for my taste.