The Queen Is Dead (The Immortal Empire, #2)

The Queen Is Dead (The Immortal Empire, #2) - Kate Locke Awesome! This story just sucked me right in. Xandra is trying to face her new role as goblin Queen and at the same time she's trying to find her brother Val and other halvies that have gone missing. I love the world that had been created. A mix of Victorian and steampunk. Xandra is so fierce and kick ass! I really like that she can hold her own and although it would easy and safe to hide behind her Goblins or Vex, she doesn't.

Vex. Oh Vex... Alpha with a good head and heart. Love that his relationship with Xandra isn't mixed with all kinds of drama and BS. He treats her as an equal and is so supportive and protective without being stifling. It's such a nice change. From the beginning, their relationship has been refreshing.

So many things were left up in the air and I'm worried about what might have been done to Xandra. Looking forward to book 3!