Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter, #3)

Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter, #3) - Nalini Singh After [b:Archangel's Kiss|6582637|Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter, #2)|Nalini Singh||6579113], I was looking forward to more action and more development in the story. What I got was Elena & Raphael having to deal with family, Daddy/Mom issues. I found this very repetitive. Raphael is a powerful archangel. Got it. Raphael and Elena belong to each other. Ok. All angels are breathtaking beautiful. Check. Dmitri has this weird relationship with Elena which I can't quite figure out if he's just being protective of Raphael or he wants Elena to himself. I suspect a bit of both.

People are being killed, the earth is quaking and there is trouble brewing. I wasn't surprised to see who was making trouble and the ending was a bit anti-climatic. Overall not a bad story, I just wanted more. I found [b:Angels' Blood|3819326|Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1)|Nalini Singh||3863622] captivating and loved the witty dialogue. I feel like the magic that attracted me is lost. I do love the relationship between Elena and Raphael, I just wish it would...evolve? We got to see a different side of it? I liked what we saw in the Epilogue. That's what I want more of.