Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson Guardian, #1)

Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson Guardian, #1) - Keri Arthur Naked man covered in mud. I knew I was going to like this story when by chapter two we're introduced to a hot naked vampire named Quinn. I was actually determined NOT to enjoy this book. I did not want another series in my mountain of series to catch up on. Alas, that plan didn't work. This was a good balance of smuttiness and action. There were scenes that actually made me blush and I don't blush easily.

While I don't mind sex in books, I was a bit put-off by Riley's whoring. I was appalled at certain points when she used sex as a means to get information. Only to then feel sympathy in the next scene as Riley tried to come to terms with acting like a prostitute. A means to an end. The whole Moon fever got to be a bit much but I get it… at the end Riley comes to the very sad realization that the two men she trusted as mates, weren’t to be trusted at all and sex isn't everything. Through Quinn she realizes that she wants more. And sex can be SO much more if you actually feel a connection to the person.

All in all, I enjoyed Riley and her shenanigans. I like the fact that she is half wolf, half vampire and felt it was a good balance between action, story development and naughtyness.