Before (The Sensitives, #0.5)

Before (The Sensitives, #0.5) - Dawn Rae Miller Excellent introduction!!! This is the prequel to Larkstorm the first book of The Sensitives series. In a world where winter only exists and the State chooses your mate and what your profession will be we meet Lark. Her world revolves around the safety of her school, her social station and the knowledge that Beck will be her mate. Unlike her peers, they've been assigned to each other since they were small. Waiting until their 18th birthdays to formally be bonded. Lark's world has been predictable & safe but things seem to be changing. Her mother is Head of State and has big plans to her. Plans that apparently don't involve Beck. In fact, everyone around her seems to question her relationship. To make matters worse there have been attacks by The Sensitives, an inferior group that is considered dangerous and vile. They're a group of witches whose magic is shunned. Lark's world is turning upside down quickly. This was well written and I can't wait to see what happens to Lark & Beck in book 1!!!