Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #2)

Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #2) - Larissa Ione ★★★1/2 This is one of those times I wish GR had half stars. So far the Lords of Deliverance series is not my favorite. Although entertaining, it is becoming too predictable and formulaic. This is the story of Famine aka Limos and Arik. We met Arik in the Daemonica series. Limos was raised in hell and is bethrothed to Lucifer. She wears a chastity belt and anyone who she gives her affection to is in deep trouble. Unfortunately that person is Arik. He is taken to hell and is tortured, saying Limos name in agony will force the union between the two and she will be the bride of Lucifer. The story starts full speed which I appreciated, though it felt like I was missing a bit of background detail at the beginning. I need to check if there is a short story before this. It was obvious since the last book that there was an attraction between the two but the "love" aspect was a bit rushed.

I don't mind that Limos isn't the typical warrior who sulks and wears all black leather but did feel that the sorority girl bit was a bit overdone. I also could have done without the last 5 chapters. The big side story is of course about Than and Reagan. I didn't buy the seduction part at all, Regan has not been portrayed as a likeable character. Also, I did not appreciate that his virginity was stolen from him while drugged. Not cool. Their story is not off to a compelling start in my opinion. I'm curious to see what develops between Harvester and Reaver though...something is brewing there.