Being Mrs. Dracula

Being Mrs. Dracula - Faith Marlow I'm left with mixed emotions from this book. Bram Stoker's Dracula has always been a favorite read of mine. I loved the premise of this story since it focuses on the three vampire sisters that Stoker depicted as sensual predators who deceive their prey with their beauty. This book follows the journey of each of these women as they evolve from being naive and sheltered women and into predators, lovers and sisters. The story begins with the diary of the first bride Valeria. She meets & weds Vlad Dracula as a human and is with him still as he later becomes a dark creature. We follow her journey of three years of solitude as she figures out who she is and how to survive in this new world as an immortal as abandoned by her husband. Later comes Ilona, the dark haired beauty who is fragile and broken hearted. Lastly is Fleur, who is turned by mistake.

I got bored halfway into the book. Although it was interesting to see the life of this new family, it was also repetitive. This is essentially a story of a polygamous marriage where bonds and love between them is constantly challenged through the centuries. I didn't understand why Valeria and Ilona couldn't leave Transylvania but Vlad could. I would've liked more of an explanation of how Vlad became a vampire. How did he know what to do? He obviously is stronger than his brides, but why? Why was he able to turn into a bat but the others couldn't? At some point he mentions that he has a vampire army. What happened to them?

All in all this was well written with lots of potential but I found it boring and a bit lacking in substance. Enjoyed how it went full circle from where it began. The pace does pick up a bit towards the end and there is some action of sorts but it wasn't enough.