Neophyte - Emmalee Aple As an adult who enjoys YA literature every so often I am reminded that this genre is for a younger audience. I felt this was one of those books.

The story is about Addisyn a human who was chosen before she was born to be reborn as an angel - a Neophyte. After being killed she joins her angel family - her Link - 5 guys whose role is to teach her the angel ropes and assist in her transition from human to angel - Everett, Wilhelm, Graham, Greysan & Hunter. Right away we learn that she has a companion, he is her other half, with whom she shares a connection since birth, Hunter, and we meet her love interest, Greysan.

I found Addi extremely childish. One minute she’s clamoring for her right to be emotional as a girl and next she’s making a huge deal about prom and not wanting to wear a dress and shoes. I found the fact that Greysan felt connected to Addi since she was born a bit disturbing since he was 100 years older than her at least. This love formula isn't new, yet because of Addi's adolescent personality it felt odd to me. Nevertheless, I was enjoying the premise until halfway through the story. I got tired of Addi’s constant whining and gaps in story. Felt like the love aspect should’ve been developed more. At some points I felt like I was watching a movie got up to do something, came back and the story changed. I didn't understand why Graham was in school, or was he in school? A bit unclear. The chapter where Addi and Greysan go on their first date was a shock to me. The previous chapter they had a less than ideal prom and next she's telling her friend she has a first date. What?? I went back a couple of pages thinking I had missed the part when he asks her out. I also did not understand the animosity between Hunter and Greysan. Again, I felt like I missed something. I found myself skimming the last three chapters. I just didn't get the struggle for Addi. Sort of understood why the grey angels wanted revenge but felt like there should've been more. Maybe I missed the reason in my skimming. I never connected to Addi as a character. I got bored by her inner dialogue and "struggle". Didn’t understand why the rest of the Link didn’t want to help the unclaimed and found that I stopped caring.

Having said all that. I do think that someone who is in the age group that YA literature is meant for would enjoy this. But as an adult *yawn*. Sorry... But I lost interest halfway through.