Last Blood

Last Blood  - Kristen Painter And so this series comes to an end…

What I liked: Tatianna. She is good at being bad. In the last books she showed humanity that I didn’t think she was capable of. I didn’t like how she was so ready to give Mal another chance so quickly though. All of a sudden she became stupid. Lilith was such an intrigued monster!! It was awesome. Wish we would’ve had more time with her.

What I didn’t like: Everything else. Doc and Fi’s story was boring. Mal and Chrysabelle… gawds, another yawn. Creek, I could’ve cared less about. The Mayor, what an annoying character. I’m so sad we had to sit through another book with her in it.

It was nice that everyone got their HEA – well, except for Tatianna. All the stories were nice wrapped up and I should get a medal for sticking with this series.