Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11) - Jim Butcher As usual poor Harry can't catch a break and trouble always finds him. It's always interesting to see what motivates Harry and as usual it's his sense of what is right. Morgan has always been an interesting character and was glad to get to spend more time with him as well as see other characters of the White Council. There has been trouble brewing within the council for some time and I think Harry has only just started chipping away at it.

There was a scene which I didn't care much for and I took a star from this read because of it. Though I'm used to Butcher's descriptions of women - emphasis on their curves and other female features - I didn't like that Harry's apprentice Molly takes her bra off and rubs her nipples with a cold soda and then goes to get information from the PI where "the air conditioner worked really well". Don't think that scene was necessary at all.. I'm not usually oversensitive to this type of issue - I love PNR and Erotica! - but for a series that is UF and stays away from anything overtly romantic, this was too sexist for my taste.

On that note, wish the man would catch a break in the love department.