Switch (New World Series) (Volume 1)

Switch - Janelle Stalder The year is 2035 and two thirds of the population has been wiped out by war, nuclear bombs and total mayhem. This chaos is led by New World leader, Ludwig Tenebris, a young charismatic dictator who shows no mercy. His second in command is Roman Adamson. In their search to uncover the rebel army, Roman goes into a district where he discovers Charlotte Hatcher. Charlotte has a secret that saves her life, she can read minds. And so the New World leader acquires their best weapon, Charlotte, who emerges 5 years later as Dinah or as most call her, Weapon X.

First and foremost I will say that this is my idea of a romance book. Kick ass female, hot men, action, drama, interesting world, sex and just lots of gushy moments that make me want to squeal and clap my hands like a schoolgirl. In my opinion, a good balance of plot and romance. Readers who do not like books heavy on romance (you know who you are) will not like this. Luckily, I’m not one of those peeps so I was in book heaven!!

Janelle Stalder has once again given us a story where the good guys aren’t always good and the evil guys make you want to hug them. Ok, maybe that last statement was a stretch… but it made you not hate them. Roman was a character that wasn’t developed as much as I hoped but if the ending is any indication, his story will be book 2. There were a couple of scenes that just made me feel the anguish he was going through. He clearly loves and cares for Charlotte though how far he would go to protect her is yet to be determined. What is clear is that he has been doing what he feels is right as the right hand man of Ludwig.

On the other side of the fight we meet rebel army leader Pete McKay who falls in love with Charlotte the moment they meet. I loved the chemistry between these two. Yeah, sometimes I don’t buy the whole “love at first sight” bullshit, but this sold it just right because I loved every single scene between these two. They find themselves on opposite sides of a war and question if they want to remain there. It was adorable to see Charlotte flirty and happy. I loved all the small gestures and the way the tension kept building between them.
“He made some strangled noise at the back of his throat a second before his lips crashed into hers for the second time that day. As soon as their lips met, it was like she could breathe again. Like everything was suddenly just right because they were together – connected.”

Wish we’d had a chance to follow Charlotte through those five years before she meets McKay. Those years toughen her up and she is transformed into one bad ass bitch that nobody wants to cross. McKay was a guy I fell in love with immediately. He doesn’t take anyone’s crap and is always ready for a brawl but he also has a passionate heart. I couldn’t help but like him.

I’m sure that there are holes and inconsistencies that I either failed to notice or just didn’t pay too much attention to but I was too caught up in the story to care. Any book that grabs me from page one and doesn’t let go until I read that last sentence is a 5 star book.

Thank you Janelle Stalder for providing me with an ARC! Can’t wait for book 2.