Time Mends (Timber Wolves, Book 2)

Time Mends: Timber Wolves - Tammy Blackwell I'm at a loss of words. There were so many things I loved about this but there was also so many things I hated about the story! Not because they were badly written, but because that is just NOT how the story was supposed to go!! I had set in my head how I thought the story would flow and wow, I was wrong. It only took a couple of chapters and the events that happened didn't surprise me much. They just weren't suppose to happen!! All of which just proves that Tammy Blackwell is amazing!

Spoiler for book one coming up: at the end of book one we are led to believe that Alex is dead. But I thought... no way!! Alex is the leading man. There is a love triangle here. Alex is all win and awesome. Except yeah.. he's dead. He is really dead. WTF?? There are so many twists and relevations in this one. So glad I already have book three and don't have to wait to read what happens.

Overall, this made me very angry and sad. Angry at the shifter politics. Angry at Scout at times and sad for how it was all going down. Angry at Charlie for going zombie, sad still because we have no idea what became of him. Angry at Jase because I have NO idea what is happening with him. And Talley?? What is happening!?! I'm hoping there is a happy ending coming up because so far this was bad news all around!!