On the Edge (The Edge, Book 1)

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews This was surprising! I've heard so many mixed reviews about this that I wasn't sure what to expect. Bottom line: if you don't have an aversion to romance, you will like this. It's amazing how some people hate any type of romance and quickly dismiss the book. There is romance but exactly one sex scene and some kissing. Pretty tame in my book.

As with the Kate Daniels series, the world building was a bit rough. So the first five chapters or so were slow going. There are two parallel worlds. One is our normal world - the Broken. The other a magical world - the Weird. In between is the Edge where Rose lives. I loved Rose! She is young, mouthy and determined to raise her brothers George and Jack well whatever the cost is. She has magic, her brother George is a necromancer and Jack is a cat-were. She is stubborn and a bit jaded about love.

For a while I thought Declan and William were the same. They sound the same. Declan is the blueblood hero and was very typical. William is the broken friend with a good heart and for a while I feared there would be a love triangle. So glad there wasn't.

This was rough in a couple of places plus I think that last chapter was a bit much and I could've done without. Nevertheless I'm intrigued about where this goes and what will happen to the boys.