Weavers (The Frost Chronicles) (Volume 3)

Weavers (The Frost Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Kate Avery Ellison AARGH!!! I curse you cliffhangers!! I curse you!!

So many revelations and twists in this book! I love who Lia Weaver is evolving to. She has always been brave and stubborn when she feels something must be done, but now she has this fire inside of her that I hope only grows. This book took a way different turn that I did not expect. Up to now I had thought about this as YA with a dystopian/fantasy/magic twist and it went sci-fi on me! I don't mind though.

In the last book Lia and Adam find a PLD (Portable Locomotion Device) a traveling gate. A means to bring back those refugees that have sent away. This brings about the possibility of her being reunited with Gabe once again. New characters are introduced and... wow... I have no idea how this will end.

Minor spoiler: I don't like love triangles and must say this is one of the few things I dislike about the story. I have NO idea how this triangle can or will be resolved. Both Adam and Gabe are good characters, though I like Adam a bit better, but I'm not liking Lia's flip-flopping about her feelings about the two.

At one moment she thinks of Adam this way:
"He’d become woven into the fabric of my existence, mingled with the air I breathed. If I reached out, he was there. If I spoke, he answered."

But then Gabe makes her feel:
"I exhaled against his lips. I was lost and found at the same time, and he was the only anchor."

Grrr... I'm glad the love aspect is minor otherwise I'd have bigger issues with all this. Cannot wait until book 4!!