Masquerade - Cambria Hebert Girl meets boy. Boy and girl get together. Boy has secret that tests their love. All good stuff. I was devouring this until... I got close to the end. It really bothered me that Heven's scars were taken away. Whatever happened to being confident and accepting of yourself regardless of what the outside looks like? I think I would've been fine with the fairytale resolution except she then goes to school and explains that she had a procedure done during the weekend and everyone believed it. Really??? Not to mention that her grandmother who was there after the accident didn't question how or why the scars were gone. Really??? If anything the fact that her scars vanished would've given me a reason to think she was evil. Up to this point I was enamored by the characters and looking forward to book 2. Now... not so much. I still enjoyed most of the book, it's just that the ending felt wrong - detached. Almost like I was reading another story.