The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen)

The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens This was a great sequel to The Restorer. A ghost/mystery novel with the same slow pace that seems to work with the S Carolina setting. The story picks up right after the events of The Restorer. Amelia is so distraught and confused about Detective Devlin, breaking her father's rules and letting the others in that she decides to take up a restoration job in Asher Falls. This time there isn't as much technical cemetery restoration chat as there was in the first. The focus is more on the strange pull Amelia feels to this town that fell to ruin and has a cemetery now underwater and the Asher family and in particular to Thane Asher. We learn (finally) about who Amelia is and who her parents are. There is a big mystery slowly unraveling and I know Devlin is a part of it.

It was a bit creepy at times but ghost stories always have scared me. Amelia's ghost rules aren't working anymore and she needs to figure out a way to stop the evil coming for her.

The rules:
Never acknowledge the dead
Never stray far from hallowed ground
Never associate with those who are haunted
Never, ever tempt fate

Must read the last book now!