The long wait begins....

World After  - Susan Ee

DONE! Ready for book 3.
*looks around expectantly*
Resigns to another long wait.

Well... It's been over a year since I was first introduced to Penryn and the chaotic world she now lives in. There were a couple of details I had forgotten. For instance that it had only been about 2 months since the world fell to Angel chaos and just how much I love the chemistry between Penryn and Raffe.

I will be honest. I don't think this is worthy of 5 stars. Perhaps more like 4. But I just love the writing and the emotions that it evokes. I feel for Penryn. I could see how she struggled with this new version of her sister Paige. Her little sister now turned into a human patchwork doll. She has razor sharp teeth!! GAAA! But. She is her little sister. And I see how she struggles to reconcile the feelings she used to feel with this new monster.

I really wish we'd had more time with Raffe. Though we got flashbacks of sorts, I wanted more chapters with him. I greedily read the few that were given. Trying to take in every single detail possible.

Want to learn more about the angels. I still don't feel I have a tight grasp of what they want and why they want it. But we did get some interesting characters. Dee and Dum and of course Pookie Bear.

Overall, another great read that just engrossed me from beginning to end. Stories like that are rare.