Sempre: Redemption (Forever, #2)

Sempre: Redemption (Forever, #2) - J.M. Darhower Damn. This was a great continuation. Much like book 1, it was filled with layers. Things were never what you thought they were. Much like in life, nothing is black & white.

Unlike book 1, in my opinion the main character in this was Corrado. Yes, Carmine and Haven are there. We follow their story and the consequences of Carmine’s decision at the end of book 1. But Corrado, who was a minor character in Sempre takes front and center in this and steals the show. I absolutely loved that I had no idea which way was up half the time. Corrado is a true gangsta. He truly believes in the lifestyle and the honor he pledge La Cosa Nostra. Unlike Vincent, he earned his way up the ranks. He does what he needs to do and doesn’t feel any remorse. Something he proved in book 1 more than once.

Carmine, remains Carmine. He doesn’t change much and I wanted to smack some sense into him more than once. He remains angry, lost, impulsive, sad and angry all at the same time. But that’s Carmine. A broken boy who doesn’t think he is worthy of love and happiness.

Haven on the other hand takes the opportunity to come into her own. She tentatively explores her newfound freedom and tries to dig a niche where she can find happiness. Even if that happy world doesn’t include Carmine.

We once again see a whole different side of Vincent! Part of me missed the Vincent of Sempre. This new Vincent is a resigned man who has come to peace with all his choices and wrongs. He slowly unearths plots that uncover the truth of how he has been used as a puppet for so many years.

My slight compliant would be about the last chapters. It felt longer that it needed to be. Though Dominic’s speech at the end was a good summary of the overall story and of Carmine. Overall, a great ending, a great story and an awesome read.