Slave (Finding Anna, #1)

Slave (Finding Anna, #1) - Sherri Hayes This isn’t at all what I expected. First BDSM book that has no actual sex, though plenty of D/s behavior. This book is further proof that I am a heartless bastard. Brianna has been through 10 months and then some of hell. This has understandably left her insecure, jumpy, afraid of men and just a tad mental. And yet… I, the heartless asshole, was annoyed halfway by her constant crying and panic attacks. She just was so shy and I wanted her to snap out of it!! Unfair, I know but that is why I am heartless.

The other thing that annoyed me was the time sequence of events. In one sentence it would be insinuated that weeks had passed, and then the next paragraph would say it had only been days. So I have no idea if by the end if months or weeks had passed.

Stephan wasn’t your usual broken asshole. Though of course he is rich and lavishes her with all the comforts possible. I did enjoy this and I am curious to see where this goes and may pick up book 2 eventually.

Overall 3.5 stars!