Pretty When She Dies (Pretty When She Dies, #1)

Pretty When She Dies (Pretty When She Dies, #1) - Rhiannon Frater This is one of those books that I've been putting off forever just because everyone said it was dark and gory (I mean look at the cover...eeck!). What a disappointment! Where was the darkness?? Where was the gore?? They're vampires so yeah there is blood sucking and killing as expected but nothing out of the ordinary.

Amaliya wasn't a very compelling main character. She's a lost girl that comes from well... a white trash background... trying to find her place. She was so whiny and full of self pity. Her judgment was horrible and while these attributes usually make me cheer for the underdog, I could have cared less what happened to her.

She eventually meets up with Cian who is also so bland. His fiancée and human servant walk all over him and while this is part of the drama and development of him as a character, I was bored. The character Samantha was - ANNOYING. Nothing more to say about her.

Not at all the horror, dark, sexy vampire story I expected. Yes, there is a twist of Amaliya's powers that is cool but nothing that hasn't been written about before. Not sure I'll continue.