Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, #5)

Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles) (Volume 5) - Kate Avery Ellison First and foremost, I’ve been a huge fan of this series. Ever since I read book 1 as an ARC I fell in love with Kate Avery Ellison’s writing. The vivid world and its characters have been great to follow. I’ve stayed loyal to them, even thru those books that lacked the usual magic. So I eagerly picked this up and… not sure what happened.

Most of the story was a anticlimactic. As the title states, most of the story took place in Aeralis and not the Frost. Lia and crew are trying to decipher another mystery, uncover secrets and save those they love. I hate love triangles. I really, really hate them. In my opinion it’s a cheap way for an author to create unnecessary drama. It also seems to be a standard in YA literature. They never ever end well and this story proved it. Adam has been a favorite of mine but in this he was so aloof. But overall, what killed the story was that Epilogue. WHY?? My guess is that this was the author’s way of making everyone happy. It really cheapened the story and the series.

Very sad since this is the last book in the series. Overall, it tied some loose ends. I will miss Lia, Ivy, Ann, Jonn, Adam and Gabe.