The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea - Susanna Kearsley I don't often read historical fiction and when I find a gem like this I wonder why I don't read it more often. I've always held a fascination for Scotland and right away I was drawn to the historical aspect of the story.

Carrie is an author who finds herself drawn to Slains Castle. Soon she finds herself living the events of Sophia, a woman who existed in 1708 and the heroine of her new novel. The romance aspect was very subtle and gradual. Graham enters Carrie's life the same way John enters Sophia's life. Quietly and with strong magnetism. Towards the end of this book I found myself so emotionally invested that I was bawling.

My only complaint is that sometimes I felt the story got bogged down by the history. But again, I don't normally read historical fiction or non-fiction so my appreciation of real life events only goes so far.

Looking forward to reading more of Susanna Kearsley's work.