Seduce Me at Sunrise (The Hathaways #2) by Lisa Kleypas

Seduce Me at Sunrise - Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas does it once again!  I love the way she is able to weave a beautiful romantic story with just the right amount of angst and passion.


We met Kev Merripen in Mine Till Midnight.  He is a gypsy boy that was taken in by the Hathaway family at a young age and has since become a protector/servant/brother to them.  Merripen showed he was moody and dark.  In this Seduce Me at Sunrise we find out more about his background and also got a couple of chapters taking us back to the early years of the Hathaways.  Back before they were plagued by illness and loss.


Merripen’s reason for staying with the Hathaway family has always been Winnifred.  Due to scarlet fever, she has always been fragile.  She leaves her family for France to a clinic that in two years heals her.  I have to say I was just as confused at Win as to the reasons why Merripen always pushed her away.  It was obvious to everyone how he suffered when away from her and how much he loved her.  But Merripen feels unworthy of a love and person as pure as Win.


It was lovely to see the passion in their union and how much Win was willing to fight for the man she loved. 


As a side note, I’ve begun listening to the audio version of these books and Rosalyn Landor does an amazing job of bringing Lisa Kleypas characters and world to life.  It really is a treat!