"Touched by An Alien" by Gini Koch

Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch

Katherine “Kitty” Katt finds herself one afternoon witnessing a spousal dispute.  One minute they’re arguing, the next the husband is transforming into a jelly like creature with wings and Kitty is stabbing him with her Mont Blanc pen.  Right away some secret service Man in Black type guys storm in and whisk her away.  Except these guys are aliens.  They are from Alpha Centauri system (A-C for short), exiled to earth due to their religious beliefs.  There were some criminals sent here with them and they are now infecting humans with this alien parasite beings that make them do naughty things.  In particular Ronald Yates, a terrorist that is out to do harm and the only person that can somehow decipher how to defeat him is Kitty.  Though she is surrounded by intellectual superior beings, Kitty is able to see a old text, pick up nuances and just knows what to do.

The A-C women scenarios were ridiculous.  I appreciate the effort made in making these modelesque women interested in a man’s brain rather than his looks but the actual execution came off very juvenile and not very believable.  I forgot to mention, all the A-C people are drop dead gorgeous.  Cause duh, why wouldn’t they be?  There is also another human in midst, James Reader – gay human and former model who loves to call Kitty “girlfriend”.  Because all gay men call women “girlfriend” right?

I loved the concept and the main characters Kitty and Jeff Martini.  Jeff is the love interest and had me at hello.  But the attempt at humor was over the top and was lost on me.  Overall, this was ridiculous and hard to believe.  Which is a stupid thing to say since this is about aliens.   But part of the beauty of any work of fiction is creating a world that no matter how far-fetched is believable.  This sadly missed the mark.  I had every intention of loving it though.  Does that count for something?  Giving it 2 stars just because I’m feeling generous today but in reality, this almost joined the “did not finish” pile.