Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti

Blind Faith - Rebecca Zanetti

This is the 3rd book in the series, the former Gray brothers Matt, Shane & Nate are now the Dean brothers and they have escaped their compound prison.


Nate and Audrey have a past together.  Five years before she left him and broke his heart.  At first I was concerned that this was going to be full of misunderstandings and back and forth blame and angst.  Glad that this was not at all the case.  The romance between these two was very sweet and hot.  The story as a whole was full of a good combo of action and romance.


There were a couple of things happening, the brothers are on a hunt for their brother Jory and also the code that will disabled the chip implanted in their backs.  Failure to do so will result in their death in 3 weeks – no pressure!  In the meantime Audrey is working with the Commander and her mother Dr. Isobel Madison to continue their work in genetic experimentation. 


This book is aptly titled since Audrey’s mommy issues make her blind to what is clearly in front of her face.  I felt zero empathy for her continual disappointment at not getting any motherly love and affection.  Also at being betrayed again and again by both the Commander and her mother.  She blindly did anything they asked.  I understand wanting to save the man you love but that doesn’t mean you have to trust.  That portion of the storyline just didn’t appeal to me.


Spoiler alert!  You’ve been warned. [spoiler] Not sure why Audrey was so shocked that she was artificially inseminated?  What did she expect?  I understand wanting to be loved by the woman who gave birth to you but it was too much for me.  Also, once she found out she was pregnant she becomes a hormonal mess.  I thought that was completely unnecessary.  Luckily that was only a chapter.  Maybe it was meant to give some realness to the situation?  It got irritating.  The one line she tells her mother "My boyfriend can beat up yours” was both childish and spoiled the mood.  I actually had to read it a couple of times to make sure that she really had said that.




Overall I enjoyed this very much.  Audrey was unbelievably too naïve at times, but I did enjoy the few times she showed spunk.  Emphasis on the few.  Really wished she’d grown a pair.  Nate was a good mix of rough and sweet that appealed to my romantic heart and I loved the scenes between him and Matt & Shane.


Looking forward to finding out what the future holds for Jory and the rest of the Dean brothers.


Advance copy provided by Forever via Net Galley